de ergonomische kunst van het omsnoeren

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Bij het handmatig omsnoeren van 50 pallets

met steeds 2 banden

moet de werknemer zich per jaar minstens

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De oplossing

ErgoPack product presentation
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    ErgoPack voor de pallet rijden. De kettinglans trekt de omsnoeringsband onder de pallet door, gaat aan de achterzijde naar boven en glijdt over de pallet...

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    eenvoudig in de hand van de bediende. Daarna schuift de kettinglans weer in. Nadat de bandheffer de bediende ook het tweede banduiteinde op werkhoogte heeft aangereikt…

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    ...wordt de band met het spanapparaat gespannen en vergrendeld.

Met ErgoPack

[Translate to Nederland:] Blick auf ein ErgoPack Umreifungsgerät der Linie X-pert Line.

Bij het dagelijks omsnoeren van 50 pallets

met steeds 2 banden

moet de werknemer zich per jaar precies

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  • Picanol NV

    Jeng Mooren

    Our ErgoPack system 725E makes work a lot easier for our employees as they do not have to bend and walk around the pallet anymore. In addition, we are much faster and more effective in strapping. We can truly recommend the ErgoPack system and the service given by our contact person Walter Horn Ruiz.



  • Lidwina v.z.w.

    Wim Paepen

    For years we have been working with the ErgoPack System 725E. This system saves us unnecessary bending and is very easy to use. The ErgoPack system helps us to optimize our processes and we are very happy to work with it. We look forward to further cooperation with Mr. Horn Ruiz and the ErgoPack Germany team. Wim Paepen Lidwina v.z.w.



  • Bru Textiles nv

    Patrick Corremans

    During a trade fair visit to the EMPACK in Brussels, we became aware of the strapping system ErgoPack 726X. The following demonstration of the device by Mr. Horn Ruiz was exemplary and gave us the opportunity to test the system on our pallets. In addition to the noticeable improvement in ergonomics when strapping our goods, the system also enables a much faster processing of the pallets (compared to the use of a "conventional" battery-powered sealing tool). The operation of the 726X via touch display is simple. Our employees are very happy with the handling and pleased about this modern, ergonomic work equipment. Further service by Mr. Horn Ruiz is also excellent, so we can make a clear recommendation.



  • Holmatro Netherlands

    Ton Maas

    We are very satisfied with our Ergopack 700E strapping machine. It works easy and is an outstanding ergonomic device that really helps our employees to save their back. They don’t have to bend anymore to get the strapping material around and underneath the pallets. Our pallets can reach a height of proximally 2 meters so this device is faster and more secure to work with. It proved to be very reliable, we use it now for 9 months and it did not fail at all! With the delivery we got a good explanation by Walter Horn Ruiz how to work with it, how to maintain and how to solve some basic issues if they should appear. As said earlier: the people in our warehouse and outbound logistic department are pleased with this machine.

    The Netherlands


  • Enraf-Nonius BV

    John Katzenbauer

    First contact was last year. After seeing the advantages (ergonomic, easy and efficient) of this system we decided quickly to purchase our 725E. We are very happy about it as our staff does not longer need to bend anymore. Our contact person for Benelux Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz visits us once a year and offers a good service. We are happy to recommend ErgoPack.

    The Netherlands


  • Brink Climate Systems B.V.

    Alfred Ubels

    At Brink Climate Systems B.V. we have been working with the ErgoPack system since 2016. Since then we can strap our pallets in a more ergonomic and much easier way. The mobility and flexibility of the system enables us to make versatile use of it. We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz and the entire ErgoPack Germany team. Alfred Ubels Materials Handling Manager



  • MOL Logistics

    Desirée van de Waterbeemd

    We at MOL Logistik have been working with the ErgoPack system since last year. After the briefing given by Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz, we strap all our pallets in an efficient and ergonomic way with our 725E. The system is very easy to use and we look forward to a good cooperation.

    The Netherlands



ErgoPack - Productaanbod

De Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. certificeert het ergonomische palletomsnoeringssysteem van ErgoPack.