Ergonomic battery change trolley

[Translate to Malaysia EN:] [Translate to Great Britain:] Blick auf den ergonomischen Akkuwechselwagen von ErgoPack

Ergonomic, easy and efficient – these features characterise our entire product range.

The ergonomic battery change trolley makes it easy to change the battery on ErgoPack X-pert Line and ErgoPack E-conomy Line models and ensures ergonomic and safe transport between the charging station and your ErgoPack strapping system.

It can accommodate three battery packs.

The wheeled trolley is easy to position so that it can be latched to the ErgoPack system via a connection bridge, and the batteries changed easily.

Suitable for the highest demands in every work environment.

[Translate to Malaysia EN:] [Translate to Great Britain:] Ergonomische Akkuwechselwagen - Einhängen der Verbindungsbrücke
[Translate to Malaysia EN:] [Translate to Great Britain:] Ergonomischer Akkuwechselwagen - Entnahme Akku
[Translate to Malaysia EN:] [Translate to Great Britain:] Ein Mann nutzt den ErgoPack Akkuwechselwagen zum Austauschen der Akkus an seinem Umreifungsgerät.