ErgoPack founder Andreas Kimmerle is passionate when it comes to ergonomy:

If a person is off work for a long time, or even perma­nently, because of back problems, that costs a great deal of money. Many people still fail to take this into consideration.

In fact: Back problems due to frequent bending or working with a bent posture are amongst the most frequent occupational illnesses, as is proven by the statistics.

ErgoPack has finally solved the back problem with the strapping of pallets - and offers many other advantages into the bargain. Even as a schoolboy employed on holiday jobs in his parents’ timber business, Andreas Kimmerle was annoyed by the frequent bending required when strapping pallets. As a trained wood technology engineer, he began to look for suitable solutions.

But”, says Kimmerle today, “the specialists did not understand the problem. Either they showed me a huge machine, or simply said ‘take a broomstick with a slot in the end, and use that to ap­ply the strapping…

So Kimmerle set to work himself, and in 1999 invented his first pallet strapping machine. In 2002 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the International Inventors Exhibition in Geneva and the German Inventor’s Prize, and founded the firm of ErgoPack GmbH.

Today over 10,000 ErgoPack systems have been sold in 55 countries throughout the world. The machines are easy to operate. But so that everything goes smoothly from the beginning, experts from ErgoPack also provide employee training on the customer’s pre­mises on delivery of the systems. ErgoPack - the name says it all: Ergonomic strapping of pallets and packages. Bending is now a thing of the past with ErgoPack.

The future looks good for ErgoPack: In August 2010 the company left its original location of Höchstädt and moved into larger offices, assembly and storage facilities only a few kilometres away in Lauingen - the demand for ErgoPack systems is growing all the time...