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ErgoPack product presentation
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    ErgoPack 기계를 파레트 앞으로 가져갑니다. 체인렌스가 밴드를 당겨 파레트 아래를 통과해 파레트 뒤쪽에서 위로 다시 올라간 후 파레트 위로 돌아...

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    ...작업자의 손으로 옵니다. 그러면 체인렌스는 원위치로 돌아갑니다. 밴드 리프터는 밴드의 다른쪽 끝을 작업 높이에서 작업자에게 전달합니다...

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    ...그런 후 밴드에 장력이 가해지고 씰링 헤드에 의해 확실하게 접착됩니다.

...ErgoPack을 사용하면

[Translate to Korea:] [Translate to Great Britain:] Blick auf ein ErgoPack Umreifungsgerät der Linie X-pert Line.

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  • Flexco

    Duane Bjork

    We will do anything we can to make it easier for our shipping (guys)! Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. This machine addresses our safety concern for bending while strapping (eliminating the bending while strapping) and (weight of the tool).



  • Messier-Bugatti USA, LLC

    Tony Carlton purchase the company has made in years...Thanks!



  • Grosfillex

    Lance C. Moyer

    I wanted to thank you for our connection at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas, your very quick respond to our request for a trial and lead time on our subsequent order. We had an opportunity to shift a large portion of existing business to a pre-built display pack for a major customer. The largest challenge to maintaining our output was the amount of time it took to prepare and strap a pallet. The ErgoStrap machine allowed the strapping time to fall within our required TAKT time and as a result, we showed a Cost Of Goods reduction on the overall pallet pack. The decrease costs, as well as the ready to display pallets have taken our pallet order from 1800 pallets last year to an anticipated 13,000 pallets in the fall of this year. As a result, I may be in the market for another one shortly. Thanks for all your help, and please thank the entire ErgoStrap team for the concept, the design realization, and a machine that has already banded over 4000 pallets for us and is still going as strong as ever. (P.S. I strongly urge new customers to get the back up battery. It has allowed us to run continuously without interruption).



  • Cooper Vision

    Astrid Dordal

    In fact the strap machine was a good inversion. The machine minimizes the bending efforts required to strap a pallet facilitating the process and improving the ergonomic of our employees. In addition we are strapping more pallets in less time which support operational efficiency. We are satisfied with the equipment.




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