• Strapping without bending – comfortable while standing in ideal working height!
  • One-man-handling – pallets are strapped from only one side!
  • Proofed and recommended by the Campain for Healthier Back.
  • Also pallets increased from the floor level can be strapped ergonomic and mobile with ErgoPack now.
  • More than 10,000 ErgoPack-systems already strapped more than 50 million pallets and other packaged goods.
  • Respresented in more than 30 countries – ErgoPack cooperators are there for you!
  • Certified with the gold medal of the international inventors exhibition in Geneva, as well as with the German inventors prize 2002.

With the mobile strapping systems of ErgoPack different sized pallets can safely and comfortably being strapped with plastics straps – standing upright, without bending and walking around the pallet. The patented ChainLance which is guiding the strap below the pallet, upwards at the opposite side and directly into the hands of the user makes this possible.


This makes the pallet strapping system very healthy for the back – and can thus fore being used of people already suffering back pains. The “campaign for a healthier back” (“Aktion Gesunder Rücken –AGR e.V.”) a merger of the two biggest German back associations, is confirming this. After an extensive examination through experts of the AGR have been granting the ErgoPack pallet strapping systems 700E, 712E, 725E, 740E their seal of approval as a product particularly healthy for the back.

At the same time the battery operated strapping system is mobile, handy and can be used for almost all pallet sizes. With an height adjustable ErgoPack Air 713-580 / 726-580 / 745-580 even raised pallets from the floor level can be strapped flexibly and ergonomically.

You may inform yourself at our homepage more detailed about our systems and have a look about the detailed functionality of the ErgoPack Air 713-580 / 726-580 / 745-580 and the ErgoPack 712E / 725E / 740E in the video. Alternatively you may inform yourself by reading the testimonials of our customers.