• Karlheinz Arker, Head of Technology and Development
  • Christian Stuber, Head of Service and Manufacturing
  • Marcel Fischer, ErgoPack Air and hand tools expert

If you announce us an accident with your strapping machine, first, our technical stuff tries to find out the reason for it together with you telephonically and to resolve the problem. This works in 3 of 4 cases.

All wearable spare parts are available from stock. However if it is required that your machine is to be returned to our Service Department in Ballycoolin for repair, our experienced service team are equipped to ensure that your unit is repaired and returned to you in full working condition as quick as possible.

In addition, we offer our customers the option of putting a “Loan Machine Agreement” in place. This arrangement includes the swap out, collection and return of all machines.

This way, downtime and repair costs are reduced in any case to a minimum!