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 The ErgoPack idea: Ergonomy!

ErgoPack founder Andreas Kimmerle is passionate when it comes to ergonomy:


“If a person is off work for a long time, or even perma­nently, because of back problems, that costs a great deal of money. Many people still fail to take this into consideration.”

In fact: Back problems due to frequent bending or working with a bent posture are amongst the most frequent occupational illnesses, as is proven by the statistics.

ErgoPack has finally solved the back problem with the strapping of pallets - and offers many other advantages into the bargain. Even as a schoolboy employed on holiday jobs in his parents’ timber business, Andreas Kimmerle was annoyed by the frequent bending required when strapping pallets. As a trained wood technology engineer, he began to look for suitable solutions.

“But”, says Kimmerle today, “the specialists did not understand the problem. Either they showed me a huge machine, or simply said ‘take a broomstick with a slot in the end, and use that to ap­ply the strapping…”

So Kimmerle set to work himself, and in 1999 invented his first pallet strapping machine. In 2002 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the International Inventors Exhibition in Geneva and the German Inventor’s Prize, and founded the firm of ErgoPack GmbH.

Today over 10,000 ErgoPack systems have been sold in 55 countries throughout the world. The systems are easy to operate. But so that everything goes smoothly from the beginning, experts from ErgoPack also provide employee training on the customer’s pre­mises on delivery of the systems. ErgoPack - the name says it all: Ergonomic strapping of pallets and packages. Bending is now a thing of the past with ErgoPack.

The future looks good for ErgoPack: In August 2010 the company left its original location of Höchstädt and moved into larger offices, assembly and storage facilities only a few kilometres away in Lauingen - the demand for ErgoPack systems is growing all the time...

ErgoPack's Story of Success

Over 10,000 systems sold in 55 countries – The Global Market Leader

  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2008
  • 2011
  • 2014
  • 2016
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Prototyp eines Umreifungsapparates
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] weltweit erste Kettenlanze
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Erstes Serienmodell „ErgoPack 300“
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Blick auf den „ErgoPack 500“
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Der „ErgoPack 600“
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Umreifungsgerät mir Tool-Lift
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] „ErgoPack 720E“
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] „ErgoPack 740E“
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Umreifungsgerät „ErgoPack Air“
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] ErgoPacks Umreifungsgerät „Modell 2017“
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Die Weiterentwicklung des ErgoPack Modell 2017
  • [Translate to Great Britain:] Ein ErgoPack Umreifungsgerät der X-pert Line
  • 1998

    First prototype of a strapping device based on a double scissors system similar to a scissors lifting table.

  • 1999

    Invention and patenting of the world’s first ChainLance.

  • 2000

    First serial model ErgoPack 300 for composite straps with a core diameter of 75mm, operated by a crank.

  • 2001

    Introduction of the ErgoPack 500 with a 5m long ChainLance to strap larger pallets with PP and PET strap with a 406mm core diameter.

  • 2002

    The new ErgoPack 600 wins the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, as well as the German Inventor’s Award. With the help of the newly developed strap lifter, the operator does not have to bend down anymore at all.

  • 2003

    Change from the crank to an electronic drive operated by battery. The ErgoPack Tool-Lift makes side strapping of high pallets even easier, as different sealing tools can be attached to it and do not have to be held in the hand.

  • 2008

    ErgoPack 720E and 730E, the first complete strapping systems with an integrated sealing head and a centralised battery power supply, are part of our product range.

  • 2011

    ErgoPack 725E and 740E. Integration of a totally new state-of-the-art sealing head.

  • since 2014

    The ErgoPack Air becomes a milestone in pallet strapping. The worldwide one and only mobile system to strap elevated pallets.

  • 2016

    The completely revised Model 2017 with over 40 new features is being introduced.

  • since 2018

    Model 2017 has been enhanced. The new sealing head with touchscreen impresses with an ergonomic fit and intuitive control. Reliable and safe strapping for almost 20 years.

  • 2019

    The X-pert Line sets the new benchmark. Advanced electronics and newly designed touchscreens on the sealing head and the strapping system guarantee an intuitive user interface. Ergonomically, the X-pert Line also sets a new high standard.

Unsere Philosophie

Our philosophy

Technological expertise in the field of pallet strapping has been the foundation of our company ever since its inauguration in 1999. In this context we develop, manufacture and distribute mobile pallet strapping systems of the highest quality which are unique worldwide. Our goal is to significantly improve safety and ergonomics in the field of manual pallet strapping. Thereby we endeavour to improve the health and motivation of all users, as well as the efficiency of our customers’ logistical processes. At the same time we completely re-define the field of pallet strapping by focussing on innovative products with high functionality as well as unique patented selling points.

By keeping a constant close dialogue with users from different sectors of industry we are able to respond directly to our customers’ needs and requirements with special customisations and advancements. The profit-orientated growth of our company is our driving force and it is our declared goal to further expand the high level of existing market shares in order to be recognised as a leading international specialist in the field of mobile pallet strapping systems. The active economic activities of our company are based on the following five pillars of our corporate structure:


Customer interest is the basis for our actions. The quality of our own performance is solely measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We aim to provide our customers exclusively with high quality products and services which offer a high level of functionality, efficiency and user-friendliness. In the interest of our customers we therefore attach a high priority to mutual cooperation with selected partners all over the globe.

Technological Expertise

For over 20 years we built our experience in developing and manufacturing innovative patented pallet strapping systems, which have revolutionised mobile pallet strapping in all sectors of industry. We employ a balanced selection of proven and tested materials as well as state-of-the-art technology in order to develop and manufacture innovative and reliable quality products.
In order to further secure and expand our lead, large parts of our investments are being employed in research and development. Furthermore we constantly strive to enhance and refine our current line of products, as well as all our technical and organisational processes. Apart from increasing our own competitiveness, the goal of this constant improvement process is to provide the maximum amount of product and service quality and thus to insure sustained success with our customers.


Cooperative and loyal conduct towards all our partners – be it employees, customers, contractors, financial institutions or government agencies - is of paramount importance. Any and all arrangements, commitments or other statements are being honoured. We understand ourselves to be fair and reliable business partners with highly professional standards and specifically attach great value to sustainable, long-term business relationships. In turn we pay special attention that the professional standards of our selected business partners coincide with ours.


With all our business activities, environmental protection and the responsible handling of natural resources is of the utmost concern to us. We exclusively manufacture and distribute products whose production chain is completely environmental friendly according to the current state of knowledge. Our products always incorporate the latest technical developments, and are in compliance with applicable laws and accepted industrial and governmental standards in order to insure safe and health safe work

Lauingen, 12th December 2012


The foundation for the success of our company is directly reflected by the actions of each and every employee. Responsible conduct, team work and the mutual determination for performance are the basis for innovative technological solutions and exceptional quality, which will secure our lead in the market and therefore the future of our company. 
Regardful contact among each other is supplemented by constructive and factual problem-solving. In this environment a strong and highly professional team conscientiously and reliably masters every new challenge. Our employees identify with their company, are committed to their work and are responsible with their duties. Thus they are able to achieve outstanding and exemplary work performance. We attach special importance to the qualification and training of our employees and strive to further their respective capabilities while at the same time providing a fair assessment and compensation for their work and performance.