the elegant way of pallet strapping

The Problem
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Strapping 50 pallets per day

with 2 strappings each

means for the operator at least per year

  • 0times bending down
  • 0times walking around the pallets

The solution

ErgoPack product presentation
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    Roll the ErgoPack in front of the pallet. The ChainLance pulls the strap through under the pallet and up again on the rear side and over the pallet...

  • 2


    ...right into the hand of the operator. Then the ChainLance retracts. The strap lifter hands the other end of the strap to the operator at working height...

  • 3


    ...and the strap is tensioned and welded securely by the sealing head.

...with ErgoPack

[Translate to Great Britain:] Blick auf ein ErgoPack Umreifungsgerät der Linie X-pert Line.

Strapping 50 pallets per day

with 2 strappings each

means for the operator exactly per year

  • 50000times bending down
  • 25000times walking around the pallets
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  • FPC Food Plastics Pty Ltd

    Andrew Conway - Engineering Ma

    We have been using ErgoPack´s strapping system since March 2016. After the training by our contact Mr. Stephen Pickering, our team could work far more efficiently with the machine now doing all the manual strapping tasks. The work is not only faster, but is also easier and with less physical demands placed on the operators. In addition, we are strapping more pallets in less time which supports operational efficiency. We are extremely satisfied with the equipment.



  • ACIST Europe BV

    Theo van der Zweep

    We are very glad that we have upgraded our dispatch department three years ago with an ErgoPack 725E. We do not want to miss the ease of work through the improved ergonomics. We would like to thank Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz for the good cooperation and can highly recommend ErgoPack. Theo van der Zweep Logistics and Purchasing Specialist

    The Netherlands


  • MSD Animal Health Intervet International B.V.

    René Zelten

    We first saw ErgoPack at the Logistica fair and were amazed at the system. Since February 2016 we are now working with a 725E with Triplex Tool-Lift. After the instruction by Mr. Horn Ruiz and a short training phase, we are very happy to have made this purchase. My colleagues are very satisfied with the improved workflow

    The Netherlands


  • Berg Toys B.V.

    Hans Thomassen

    We saw the first time ErgoPack at the show LOGISTICA in Utrecht and decided to have soon a presentation in our warehouse. Since June 2016 we have now our ErgoPack 725E and our staff members are 100 % satisfied with it. With ErgoPack we can strap all sizes of our pallets easy, safe and ergonomic. In addition the system is very durable, low-maintenance and easy to handle. Everything related to the device is well explained in the manual. I can surely recommend the product as well as the service provided by the staff from ErgoPack in Germany and Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz our contact person. Hans Thomassen Manager Logistics

    The Netherlands


  • Polyplastic B.V.

    Gerard C.J.Schenk

    We own our ErgoPack 725E-Mod. 2017 since July 2016. Our warehouse members have now the huge benefit that they do not need to bend anymore. They are 100 % satisfied with it and do not want to miss it. After the briefing our staff was able to work with it very fast. Besides the ergonomics, the ErgoPack is very simple to use. In addition it's durable and nearly maintenance free. Everything related to the system is well described in the manual. The service provided by the staff from ErgoPack in Germany and Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz is quick and efficient. We can recommend the product without limitation! Gerard C.J.Schenk Logistiek manager Polyplastic B.V. DoubleCOOL B.V.

    The Netherlands



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