With the mobile sledge tunnel station scantlings can be embedded flexibly and exactly when strapping.

With the new station it is possible to adapt the sledge tunnels in a stepless distance to each other according to your requirement with the help of an integrated tape measure. Simply and precisely.

The height difference to the floor is equalised by a special trolley so that it can be used a serial ErgoPack strapping system with this mobile station.

The whole station can be moved easily by a forklift and, therefore, can be applied everywhere at once. The station can be adapted also to uneven grounds because of its adjustable legs. When not used, the station can be simply stored e.g. in a pallet rag.

The mobile sledge tunnel station is always customised to your requirements such as:

  • length and width of the scantlings
  • quantity of the scantlings to embed to the package
  • weight of the package
  • and so on

Please send us your inquiry with pictures and measures of your package directly by mail via our contact form. You will receive an offer immediately.