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Vorderseite der ErgoPack Air
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Vorderseite der ErgoPack Air
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ErgoPack Air 713-580 / 726-580 / 745-580

Ergonomic pallet strapping system for raised pallets.

With the height adjustable "Air" also high-standing pallets can be strapped now in an ergonomic way, standing upright and without bending down. This is allowed by a patented levitating double ChainLance. The double ChainLance can be adjusted steplessly up to 580mm height. Furthermore, by means of two ultrasonic sensors, the “Air” version possesses an automatic detection of the pallet width.

To strap pallets on:

  • conveyor lines
  • lifting tables
  • all kinds of trolleys
  • with electrical drive via joystick
  • automatic measurement of pallet width
  • for PP-, PET straps
  • with sealing head (tension force 1200N / 2500N / 4500N)
  • and Triplex-Tool-Lift


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    Michèle Detaille

    At NO-NAIL BOXES we have been working with ErgoPack strapping systems for more than 10 years—and they have definitely improved our employees’ well-being. The operator can strap without bending down, which relieves back strain. Due to its full mobility, this machine has enabled us to optimise our shipping department. In addition, large pallets can now be strapped by a single operator instead of two.

    Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


  • FPC Food Plastics Pty Ltd

    Andrew Conway - Engineering Ma

    We have been using ErgoPack´s strapping system since March 2016. After the training by our contact Mr. Stephen Pickering, our team could work far more efficiently with the machine now doing all the manual strapping tasks. The work is not only faster, but is also easier and with less physical demands placed on the operators. In addition, we are strapping more pallets in less time which supports operational efficiency. We are extremely satisfied with the equipment.



  • ACIST Europe BV

    Theo van der Zweep

    We are very glad that we have upgraded our dispatch department three years ago with an ErgoPack 725E. We do not want to miss the ease of work through the improved ergonomics. We would like to thank Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz for the good cooperation and can highly recommend ErgoPack. Theo van der Zweep Logistics and Purchasing Specialist www.acist.com

    The Netherlands


  • Piant Stanztechniek BV

    Jolanda Konings

    We have been using ErgoPack's strapping system since May 2016. After the training by our contact Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz, the employees were able to work quickly with the machine. The employees are still enthusiastic, the work is not only faster, but is also easier and with less burden for them. Therefore, none of the employees would want to miss the system any more. We are absolutely convinced of the reliability and robustness and can therefore recommend it without restriction! www.piant.nl Jolanda Konings

    The Netherlands


  • MSD Animal Health Intervet International B.V.

    René Zelten

    We first saw ErgoPack at the Logistica fair and were amazed at the system. Since February 2016 we are now working with a 725E with Triplex Tool-Lift. After the instruction by Mr. Horn Ruiz and a short training phase, we are very happy to have made this purchase. My colleagues are very satisfied with the improved workflow

    The Netherlands


  • LelyPharma BV

    Marcelo Dekker

    We have been working with the ErgoPack 725E since 03/2015 and are very satisfied! The process of strapping has become much simpler and more back-friendly for us. We would like to recommend the system. The support of Mr. Horn Ruiz is good, the contact is very unbureaucratic and simple! Marcelo Dekker Warehouse supervisor

    The Netherlands


  • Kobelco Welding of Europe BV

    Henk Kessen

    Since December 2013 we own our ErgoPack 725E and are very satistied with it. It has been so far one of our best investments in the past as the ErgoPack is very easy to handle, efficient and ergonomic. After the briefing our staff was able to work with it very fast. The solution with the chainlance has improved the strap process in that way that nobody has to bend and to walk around the pallets. In addition the ErgoPack is nearly maintenance free. Everything related to the device is well explained in the manual. We can recommend the product and the service without limitation and would surely decide to purchase it again. H. Kessen Purchase Manager

    The Netherlands


  • Berg Toys B.V.

    Hans Thomassen

    We saw the first time ErgoPack at the show LOGISTICA in Utrecht and decided to have soon a presentation in our warehouse. Since June 2016 we have now our ErgoPack 725E and our staff members are 100 % satisfied with it. With ErgoPack we can strap all sizes of our pallets easy, safe and ergonomic. In addition the system is very durable, low-maintenance and easy to handle. Everything related to the device is well explained in the manual. I can surely recommend the product as well as the service provided by the staff from ErgoPack in Germany and Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz our contact person. Hans Thomassen Manager Logistics

    The Netherlands



    Fer Vrösch

    Since May 2015 we own one ErgoPack 725E model. Our warehouse staff is happy with it as they do not have to bend anymore which is a great improvement. With the ErgoPack they are able to strap all our pallets in an efficient and ergonomic way. Until now we had no technical issues with the ErgoPack. The device is nearly maintenance free, just follow the instructions which are well described in the manual. I can surely recommend the product as well as the service provided by the staff from ErgoPack in Germany and Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz our contact person without limitation. Fer Vrösch A.T.O / Quality Engineer INVISTA B.V.

    The Netherlands




W=1360mm, H=1600mm, D=1240mm


713-580 726-580 745-580

280 kg
(incl. battery)

Pallet size

Width: to 2,4m
(Self-supporting up to 2,00 m, with first point of support between 1,00 m and 1,80 m up to 2,40 m)


to 2,0m

Minimum clearance


Minimum width


Maximum vertical height between floor and pallet

electrical adjustment of height
with 5 storable height positions

Adjustment of pallet width

a) manually by keyboard
b) automatic recognition of pallet width by ultrasonic sensor system


colour display 4,3 inches
with special membrane keyboard for operation with work gloves

Double ChainLance composed of:

1. Guiding ChainLance: High tensile, fibre-glass reinforced, rigid at frontward side,special self-lubricating ChainLance, maintenance free
2. Suspension ChainLance: Special ChainLance rigid at frontward side, made of high tensile aluminium u-profiles. Joints of alloyed steel pins and of maintenance free and self-lubricating sinter bronze bearing bushes


Charger (special ErgoPack Dual 3-step charger. 2x12V)
Tool set
Sealing head 1.200N, 2.500N or 4500N

Welding mode

Friction welding

Insertion mode

Strap on strap

Strap types


Strap width

9 - 13mm

12 - 16mm

16 - 19mm

Tension force

up to 1.200N

up to 2.500N

up to 4.500N

Input voltage

24V DC


24V/35Ah, Pb

Charging time

app. 8-9 hours