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ErgoPack product presentation
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    Veeretage ErgoPack kaubaaluse ette. ChainLance tõmbab lindi kaubaaluse alla ja selle tagaküljel uuesti üles ning üle kaubaaluse tagasi...

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    ...otse operaatori kätte. Seejärel tõmbub ChainLance tagasi. Linditõstuk annab lindi teise otsa töötajale töökõrgusel kätte...

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    ...ning lint tõmmatakse pingule ja keevitatakse sulgurpea abil kindlalt kinni.


[Translate to Eesti:] Blick auf ein ErgoPack Umreifungsgerät der Linie X-pert Line.

Et 50 kaubaaluse lintimine päevas

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  • Enraf-Nonius BV

    John Katzenbauer

    First contact was last year. After seeing the advantages (ergonomic, easy and efficient) of this system we decided quickly to purchase our 725E. We are very happy about it as our staff does not longer need to bend anymore. Our contact person for Benelux Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz visits us once a year and offers a good service. We are happy to recommend ErgoPack.



  • Cooper Vision

    Astrid Dordal

    In fact the strap machine was a good inversion. The machine minimizes the bending efforts required to strap a pallet facilitating the process and improving the ergonomic of our employees. In addition we are strapping more pallets in less time which support operational efficiency. We are satisfied with the equipment.




    Michèle Detaille

    At NO-NAIL BOXES we have been working with ErgoPack strapping systems for more than 10 years—and they have definitely improved our employees’ well-being. The operator can strap without bending down, which relieves back strain. Due to its full mobility, this machine has enabled us to optimise our shipping department. In addition, large pallets can now be strapped by a single operator instead of two.

    Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


  • ACIST Europe BV

    Theo van der Zweep

    We are very glad that we have upgraded our dispatch department three years ago with an ErgoPack 725E. We do not want to miss the ease of work through the improved ergonomics. We would like to thank Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz for the good cooperation and can highly recommend ErgoPack. Theo van der Zweep Logistics and Purchasing Specialist

    The Netherlands


  • MSD Animal Health Intervet International B.V.

    René Zelten

    We first saw ErgoPack at the Logistica fair and were amazed at the system. Since February 2016 we are now working with a 725E with Triplex Tool-Lift. After the instruction by Mr. Horn Ruiz and a short training phase, we are very happy to have made this purchase. My colleagues are very satisfied with the improved workflow

    The Netherlands


  • Berg Toys B.V.

    Hans Thomassen

    We saw the first time ErgoPack at the show LOGISTICA in Utrecht and decided to have soon a presentation in our warehouse. Since June 2016 we have now our ErgoPack 725E and our staff members are 100 % satisfied with it. With ErgoPack we can strap all sizes of our pallets easy, safe and ergonomic. In addition the system is very durable, low-maintenance and easy to handle. Everything related to the device is well explained in the manual. I can surely recommend the product as well as the service provided by the staff from ErgoPack in Germany and Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz our contact person. Hans Thomassen Manager Logistics

    The Netherlands



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