„There is no challenge too big for us! And it’s our pleasure to support Sebastian Heisele, who has the same point of view.“

Concentration, emotional tension, clout: Since 2014, ErgoPack has been committed to the international golf sport to sponsor the professional golf player Sebastian Heisele from Dillingen.

„The fascinating world of top sports: Risk everything, total commitment, orient your life at a 100 % towards it. Accept setbacks and overcome them. I am impressed by such an attitude towards life” says Andreas Kimmerle. “To support a professional athlete with this kind of mindset has been my intention for quite some time already.“

„As an active part of our area, it was obvious to choose a regional sportsman. Sebastian is a young and ambitious athlete from Dillingen. That is why it was my personal request to particularly support him.“

To be able to make a living by doing the dream job of a professional golfer, ErgoPack and Sebastian Heisele go hand in hand. Mr Heisele is promoting our brand by using an ErgoPack golf bag on golf courses all over the world. Best conditions to pursue and implement the increase of our corporate image, publicity and social dedication. 

ErgoPack wishes Sebastian all the best and a precise clout for the upcoming season.