Ergonomic pallet strapping system with manual crank.

Strapping without bending, comfortable in an upright position with ideal working height.. The pallet can be strapped comfortable by one person from one side. This works length- and crosswise the pallet. Floor clearance requested is only 8 cm (special design possible from 5,0 cm floor clearance).

Independent from power sources. So you are mobile and always and everywhere on standby.

  • 700 with manual crank
  • for PP and PET Straps

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Technical data

ErgoPack 700
Dimensions Width=770mm
Weight 58,3 kg
Chainlance length 600 cm
(prolongable up to 700 cm)
Max. pallet size Depth: up to 2,4m
Height: up to 2,3m
Width of strap 8 - 25mm
Thickness of strap 0,4 - 1,3mm